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Room 191

The classroom 191 was designed to accommodate the full range of classes taught in the language center, from the beginner levels of basic listening and speaking, to more advanced levels of writing and presentation.

  • 2 instructor's stations
  • Walls with whiteboard paint
  • 2 wall-mounted projectors and screen boards
  • 1 multi-region DVD/VHS player
  • 10 movable table (6ft x 2ft each) with 18 chairs
  • 10 HuddleBoards (5.3 sq.ft x 10)

The room contains 2 instructor's stations and 2 wall-mounted projectors and screen boards, 1 Panasonic DMP-BDT225 Smart Wi-Fi 3D Blu-ray Player as well as one ceiling projector. The wall-mounted projectors are Epson PowerLite 485W and the boards are TeamBoard Interactive Whiteboard and its size is 48.2"H x 85.5"W [16:9 aspect ratio] They do not only function as the display for the projector but also allow us to write on with the dry erase marker.

One side of the room is coated and painted as smart wall paint. The room contains 10 mobile tables (each table is 2ft x 6ft) with 19 chairs, and HuddleBoards, making it particularly conducive to group work, including small group presentations. The tables are movable which allows instructors to customize the layout of the table easily.

The room is also equipped with a video capture device (Image) so that the recording can be conducted during the class and the recorded file is quickly saved as a digitized file and stored in the Canvas. The video capture uses iPad Air with shotgun microphone attached. The application is installed to record the video file and stored in the device. Documentation: How to use the video capture cart [ PDF]



There are huddleboards equipped in the 191. They are 10 small whiteboarsd (each board is 2ft 8in x 2ft) which can be used for group presentation and brainstorming activities, as well as presentation planning.

The room has 2 screen boards connected to instructor's stations. These two screens expand the possibility of instruction and students activities. Two monitors can be used for multiple ways. Below are some ideas for how they can be used.

Documentation: Using multiple screens