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Room 198


This room is used for instruction, online assessment, and hands-on training. Student's projects and activities. It is also used for showing orientations.

  • 1 instructor’s station
  • 1 ceiling projector
  • 2 wall-mounted projectors and screen boards
  • Walls with whiteboard paint
  • 19 folding tables(6ft x 2ft each), 3 bi-folding tables (5 ft x 10in / 2ft 3in / 3ft 8in) with 19 chairs

Documentation: Using multiple screens

The room 198 computer room contains one Instructor Station with no headset (an additional headset can be checked out) with 18 chairs. .

The room is equipped with 2 wall-mounted projectors and screen boards, and 1 ceiling projectors. The wall-mounted projectors are Epson PowerLite 485W and the boards are TeamBoard Interactive Whiteboard and its size is 48.2"H x 85.5"W [16:9 aspect ratio] They do not only function as the display for the projector but also allow us to write on with the dry erase marker.

198bi-foldtableThere are 3 bi-folding tables (each table is 5 ft x 10in or 2ft 3in or 3ft 8in) on the center. The total number of chairs in the room is 19.



198Placement and Assessment

In this room, Oral Diagnostic Assessments (ODAs) and Online Writing Diagnostic Assessment (WDAs) are conducted in the begining of the fall quater. Also, there is the Modified Oral Proficiency Interviews (MOPIs) is conducted. Furthermore, every spring quater, approximately 800 students come through the Lab over two weeks to take Simulated Oral Proficiency Interviews (SOPIs) and Online Writing Proficiency Assessmemts (WPAs) as an exit exam.

Please note that this room is scheduled for occasional use only, and is not available during certain time periods, such as SOPI testing. Also, please note that this room is NOT scheduled for classes with regular meetings in general.