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199 Flex Space Area


The Drop-in area contains 4 Flat TV screens (42 inch) and movable tables and chairs. The space can be considered as the flex space in which instructors can facilitate group project, collaborative activities, group discussion...etc

  • 4 OSX/Win7 dualboot iMacs with headsets and microphones

  • 2 wall-mounted projectors (Instructor's Use Only)

  • Walls with whiteboard paint

  • 4 Flat TV screens (42 inch)


A wall-mounted projector and whiteboard are also equipped for instructors to provide the instructions if necessary.In addition, there are 2 wall-mounted projectors and smart wall paint (Instructor Use Only). Documentation: Using multiple screens

Even though the area is not usually scheduled for the classroom use, the space can be reserved for class

The area also contains 4 dual-boot computers (Mac OS and Windows 7) with headsest and microphones. The area can also be used by students dropping in for online assessments, multilingual writing, skyping, and voice recording....etc

The list of software on the computers in the Drop-in Area is avaialble in Academic Computing Service page [Mac | Windows]